Aluminium pipes

RFP India offers aluminium seamless pipes in accord through material requirements of aluminium alloy 5083-O, 6061-T6, 6082, 6063 seamless pipe, which is further extruded to ASTM B241, along with the dimensional patterns of ANSI B36.1. Meanwhile, with grades such as Aluminium Pipes 5083, 5086, 6061, 6063 & 6082, Aluminium butt weld pipe fittings are made up of in accord to ANSI B16.9 & B16.28. RFP India complement the manufacturing series of aluminium pipes in the company of ex-stock supply of aluminium pipes, customized and standardized aluminium seamless elbows, aluminium reducers,

aluminium tee’s, aluminium end caps, aluminium butt weld fittings, aluminium bends, aluminium nipples, aluminium bolts, aluminium nuts, threaded bars, and other aluminium fasteners.

ANSI B16.9 & B16.28, 5083 Aluminium Pipes, 5086 Aluminium Pipes, 6061 Aluminium Pipes, 6063 & 6082 Aluminium Pipes, Aluminium butt weld pipe fittings, Suppliers.

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    Aluminium pipes

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